Saturday, 4 June 2016

Poster discussion Saturday


Melanoma/Skin Cancers

Sat, Jun 04  4:45 PM - 6:00 PM
Location: E354b

Summary of the posters presented at ASCO in Melanoma-

1. BRIM7 extended follow-up : Vem plus Cobimetinib
median PFS 13.8 months for Vem plus Cobimetibinb!

median OS was more than 2.5 years

and interestingly enough, there were some late conversions to complete response, so some patients got a complete response after a considerable time on treatment.

Now the next question will be whether these patients would be generally doing well, or just particular well on targeted therapy.

2. Trametinib plus GSK2141795 in uveal Melanoma
single MEKi (tram) versus combination MEKi with AKT inhibitor, randomised

unfortunately, no difference in PFS, so MEK plus AKT inhibitors does not work better than MEKi alone. Plus: high toxicity- leading to frequent dose reductions. 
Question- was the hypothesis correct? Was the pathway inhibition sufficient?
Bad news :-(

3. Cell cycle inhibtion: CDK4 pathway aberration is predominant in acral Melanoma (more than 80%)
cell and animals models are sensitive to CDK4inhibitors- so this could eventually give additional treatment options to patients with acral Melanoma (Melanoma starting on the hand and feet)

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